Mantidy Candles, Soy Wax, 250ml

£ 30

  • 240g / 8.5oz
  • 100% sustainable soy wax
  • Made in the UK
  • Hand Poured in the UK.

Bring a touch of sophistication to your home with this timeless amber apothecary glass candle. Infused with a fresh scent to instantly brighten any room, this candle is crafted from 100% sustainable soy wax and hand poured in the UK. The 250g/8.8oz eco-friendly candle is not only good for the environment but also high-quality, making it the perfect addition to any home. The amber glass adds a classic touch to your decor, making it ideal for freshening up your home, even on those hungover mornings. Experience a unique and invigorating aroma with this must-have candle - a luxurious treat for yourself or a loved one.

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