Mantidy is a London-based lifestyle brand for men. It offers high-quality all-in-one travel accessories and organisers, aiming to combine functionality and design in order to offer the perfect travel companion. This is why Mantidy includes all necessary accessories in the organisers - manicure sets, mobile phone accessories kits etc.

Inspired by travelling and the diversity of culture, Mantidy created two collections. Its handwoven collection is distinguished by the herringbone weave, which is handcrafted by women in Sibaltan Village in the Philippines, traditional mat and market basket weavers. With its green manufacturer and GREAT Women Initiative, Mantidy supports local women entrepreneurs, allows them to receive better payment and improve the infrastructure of their community, including solar-powered energy and running water.

Herringbone Collection

Products in this collection are made with the highest attention to detail and quality thanks to our resident chief tanner in the Philippines who uses a special leather formulation called Timberland. It is a full-grain cowhide leather, tanned following the strict Italian standards and using only safe and green vegetable tanning reagents. It is aniline dyed through and milled to achieve the suppleness needed - its durability only improves with time.

Responsible Luxury and The GREAT WOMEN ASEAN Initiative

Mantidy proudly partners with a small family-run business which follows green manufacturing principles - minimising wastage; using the most earth-friendly raw materials available that age well; and being conscious and minimising the impact of waste that pollutes the environment.

Following principles of responsible luxury our manufacturer works with the GREAT (Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation) Women Initiative platform. It provides sustainable livelihood to disadvantaged women (in Sibaltan village, Palawan, the Philippines) and also encourages the preservation and continuation of traditional skills and design. This includes the communities of women in their supply and value chain, teach them about pricing and increased productivity to enable them to have sustainable income while also promoting their crafts on the world stage.  This allows them to marry corporate social responsibility, artisanal sensibility and marketability to the products.

Weaving is a big part of the Sibaltan cultural heritage. The indigenous women of Sibaltan have been handwaving native fibers into bayong (market baskets) for multiple generations. Today, they use their ancient weaving techniques to weave genuine leather into panels that are crafted into accessories with the help of the GREAT (Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation) Women Initiative - an ASEAN backed Philippine-based initiative that allows SMEs to have access to a regionally integrated supply chain and market.

With every product from the herringbone collection, Mantidy helps this local community to preserve their heritage and improve their environment. Every product is handcrafted, which requires time and attention to detail in order to make it unique.

Gaucho Collection

Gaucho is a cowboy from the South American pampas. Being inspired by the modern lifestyle and a mix of cultural heritage, Mantidy created this collection for a modern cowboy.

The Gaucho Collection is an entry-level range but, similar to the herringbone collection, all accessories are included in the organisers. It is distinguished by very soft genuine leather exterior with chevron embroidery, suede interior, and elastic with a native South American pattern.